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Let’s be honest… We all been there before, whether you are starting a new job, a skill, new class, or new hobby. We all start in a state of being over whelmed, to the point of feeling like your stuck in a maze. I know this first hand, because I was there about 10 years ago. You see in high school, my coach just told us what to do and we did it, blindly. Like cows to a slaughter house, no questions asked. But as I got older I started to ask myself why do we do the things we do in our running fitness and I did feel like the guy above stuck in the maze.

Do you feel this way too?

It’s ok, that is why was created by a few crazed runners who just love pushing their bodies to the limits in running.

“To the point!” You say?

Indeed, here are 6 Life Reasons why you should, if you’re not already, start running today.

  1. The Obvious, The Health Benefits. There is no question about, those who keep moving last longer in age and feel better. I want to venture away from stats and facts, but a quick story will do.  I remember meeting Harold, a 97 year old man, who was unstoppable. He couldn’t run anymore, but you would find him daily for an hour jogging in the pool with a noodle. I asked him one day, “Harold, what is your secret to your energy and spunky personality after all these years?” His response… “Surround yourself with people you love, if they are still alive and KEEP MOVING.” BOOM! Enough said.
  2. Amazing Running Community- I say to you, go to any foot race these days, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultra Marathon, Ultra Ultra Marathon, etc… and you will find a sea of faces who just love being there, who want to be there. NOT like the office or school, where everyone is waiting the big hand to strike past the hour, to GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE. These people want to be there, racing and pushing themselves to new limits. Also you will never find the most fun-loving, adventurous, kind, and just freakin Awesome else where on the plant; well I take that back, maybe a Triathlon. (Tsk Tsk)
  3. Helps you become more Environmentally Aware- Ever surprise to see a jogger or runner stop running to pick up a trash on the ground? Don’t be, It’s natural. “Just Let it Happen.” The reason being is that most racers spend a multitude of hours of training a week; whether on a treadmill or at the gym, most the time the majority of the time their training is spent running around their town. Take it from me, I run these paths literally several hundred times in a year.  Helps you become more aware of your surroundings, the color of the leaves, the breeze in your face, the warmth of the sun etc.. Way better than sitting indoors all day. When you see trash on your route, YOU KNOW THAT’S NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE. It’s out of order. It just makes you a better person.
  4. Goal Settings- It’s actually proven that those who set goals and attain them are happier, more successful in life and have a healthier self-worth than those who don’t set goals. Try setting a small goal today, and do it. You will be surprise how awesome you feel for accomplishing something today. Even if its not eating the ENTIRE bag of Frittos while watching a game by yourself…. shhhh I won’t tell anyone. Judgement free zone. Start with small goals, and as your confidence gets bigger, set bigger goals. It gets addicting. Remember Set Realistic goals and met them to boost your confidence in ANYTHING!
  5. Self-Discipline- (Temperance) Man I gotta tell you this word is like taboo now. Look around and see literally EVERYONE acting out of ZERO self-discipline. Blaming others simply because they do not practice any discipline. In running, lets say a long run. You are guaranteed at one point to feel tired and want to stop, it’s like clock work. But if you train yourself NOT to listen to your body, but your head and keep running. You will see the next time you go out, you are stronger and faster. It’s a snowball effect. This is applicable to every aspect of your life. Your mind controls your body, not the other way around. Practice makes perfect.
  6. Grounds you in Humility- I can tell you honestly that there is nothing like getting out kicked the last quarter mile in a race. It’s like a Universal rule, “There is Always someone faster than you.” Faster yes, but smarter racer, hmmmm HOLD THE PHONE! There have been plenty of races in history when the fastest guy lost due to the tactics of the smarter runner. It’s not all about speed. But the fact is you are NOT the fastest, so before you start bragging about how awesome you are, just do yourself the favor, and Shut it. Or someone else will, without saying a word.

In conclusion… Keep these 6 Life Reasons in mind when you start your new adventure of running, and know that GaitEnvy will be here with you with each step of the way. It may seem like a maze, but trust me, it’s more like a house. Build the proper foundation, and build everything else on top of it. We can help with that too. :-)

SNOOP AROUND. We got tons of things for you kick it into overdrive and jump start your life change.


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